Shankar Andhra Sona Masoori Rice 10Kg (Only 1 bag per Order) MP 14.99

10.0 kg
  • Sona Masoori is a variety of medium grain, slender rice traditionally from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka.
  • It’s typically used to make fluffy plain rice, sweet pongal, biryani, idlis and fried rice. Packed with natural minerals, it is nutritious and beneficial to one’s health.
  • This variant is procured from paddy that has been aged for a duration of 12 months.
  • Cook your favourite dishes with this tasty rice which has been processed with expertise.
  • This Shankar Sona Masoori rice polished is good for preparing a variety of rice dishes like pulao, biryani and sizzlers too. You can grind this rice and use the flour for preparing tasty and nutritious south Indian delicacies like idlis and dosas.
  • Let the enticing aroma of this organic rice whet the appetites of your family as you serve up culinary masterpieces.
  • Sona Masoori rice is known to have small percentages protein while being low in fat and cholesterol. Furthermore, it is a good source of carbohydrates. Incorporate the goodness of Sona Masoori rice in your diet which will satisfy your rice cravings along with enriching your diet.