Shan Sindhi Biryani Mix 60G

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### Shan Sindhi Biryani Mix 60G Description

#### Product Overview:
Shan Sindhi Biryani Mix is a meticulously crafted spice blend that brings the authentic taste of traditional Sindhi Biryani to your kitchen. This 60g pack contains a perfect mix of spices, allowing you to recreate the rich and aromatic flavors of Sindhi Biryani with ease.

#### Key Features:
- **Authentic Taste**: Expertly blended spices to deliver the genuine taste of Sindhi Biryani.
- **Convenient**: Simplifies the cooking process, making it easy to prepare a delicious meal at home.
- **High-Quality Ingredients**: Made from the finest quality spices sourced from trusted suppliers.
- **Versatile Use**: Can be used with various types of meat, including chicken, beef, lamb, and even vegetables.

#### Flavor Profile:
- **Rich and Aromatic**: A balanced blend of spices including cumin, coriander, and turmeric, enhanced with aromatic herbs.
- **Spicy and Tangy**: Infused with a unique combination of spicy and tangy flavors, typical of Sindhi cuisine.

#### Cooking Instructions:
1. **Preparation**: Marinate 1kg meat with yogurt and Shan Sindhi Biryani Mix for 30 minutes.
2. **Cooking**: Fry onions until golden brown, add marinated meat and cook until tender.
3. **Layering**: In a separate pot, layer half-cooked rice, cooked meat, and top with remaining rice.
4. **Steaming**: Cover and simmer on low heat until the rice is fully cooked.
5. **Serving**: Gently mix before serving to ensure an even distribution of flavors.

#### Ingredients:
- Red Chili
- Salt
- Paprika
- Cumin
- Coriander
- Turmeric
- Black Pepper
- Bay Leaf
- Cloves
- Cinnamon
- Cardamom
- Garlic
- Ginger
- Fenugreek
- Mace
- Nutmeg

#### Allergens:
- This product is processed in a facility that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy, milk, wheat, and sesame.

#### Storage Instructions:
- Store in a cool, dry place.
- Keep the packet tightly sealed after use to maintain freshness.

#### Packaging:
- **Size**: 60g
- **Type**: Sealed sachet to preserve the aromatic spices and flavors.

Create an unforgettable dining experience with Shan Sindhi Biryani Mix, bringing the essence of Sindhi cuisine to your table with every bite.