Empty Sweet Boxes - DIWALI Gift - Mithai Boxes

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Empty Sweet Boxes / DIWALI Gift / Mithai Boxes

Length 21 x Width 15 x Height 6 CMs 

Boxes are printed on a high-quality food-grade board. These boxes are suitable for a range of Indian Sweets such as Mithai, Barfi, Ladoo etc; however, they can also be used as gift packaging, other food items or special events. They come flat packed for easy transportation and storage and can be assembled in a few seconds.

Six corner custom printed boxes feature six glued flaps out of which four are located on the bottom of the box whereas the remaining two are located on the lid. This unique style allows you to fill products from the top into the panel. The lid can be flipped down and sealed from the outside. The unique 6 cornered box is easy to assemble by hand. The box is popularly used for packaging bakery and confectionery products