Rewards Program

We at Spicebazar understands that success of our business depends on creating satisfying and superior customer experiences while also offering value for money, Spicebazar’s goal is to become low-cost Asian grocery retailer across UK does not stop us from rewarding our customers for their loyalty. We are immensely proud to offer a loyalty program that offer significant benefits our customers by offering rewards for every £ spend on our Online Store or Retail Store. While being lowest priced retailer we are also offering 10p reward to our customers for every £2 spent on buying your favourite products from Spicebazar.

Customers need to create an account with us in order to benefit from the loyalty program by instantly benefitting from our rewards program. We will not ask our customers the need to remember an additional account number or password, simply your phone number can be your account number and in order to protect your privacy and security we may ask for your permission to send you a text to your mobile before you can redeem your points.